Choosing the best ETFs and Funds

Choosing the best ETFs and Funds

In this webinar, Christian Buhagiar, our investment advisor, will be discussing ways on how investors can develop a strategy and pick the best exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds for their particular preferences.


1) Differences between ETFs and Funds

2) The importance of diversification - missing the best days

3) The different types of mutual funds

4) What to look for when picking mutual funds?

4) The different types of ETFs

5) What to look for when picking ETFs?

6) Practical examples for different strategies


Important: This webinar is a pure informative and research analysis and cannot be considered as investment advice. Interested parties should make sure to receive proper investment advice before making any investment decision to invest in ETFs or mutual funds.

Tuesday 13 November - 20:00Free Event