Simple tips for Long term investing

Investing in the long term requires not only care,but also much attention and interest. Here you can find some tips you can follow ...


Choosing your broker - ESMA & MiFID II

Periodically we receive requests from traders/investors which would have been scammed by brokers & financial service providers which are non-regulated.

How to become a Professional Investor?

At times we often asked the question "how can I be treated like a professional client"? More often than not, the goal is to get a higher leverage on your trading account.

Choosing the right mutual funds and ETFs

Investing in funds might sound trick or complex. In this section we explain the basic concepts of the differences between mutual funds and ETFs and how to pick the best from the rest.

Psychological mistakes ordinary investors make

You can invest in all the right things, minimize fees and taxes, and even diversify your holdings. But if you fail to master your own psychology, it’s still possible to fall victim to financial self-sabotage....