Why I am worried for the stock market...

Vado dritto al dunque... ci sono alte probabilità che si ripresenti una crisi dei mercati finanziari come quella avvenuta nel 2008/2009.

I go straight to the point ... there is a high probability that a stock market crisis will resurface like the one in 2008/2009.

On the above chart, we see how, overlapping the current chart of the SP500 (the most important index in the world) with the current chart, we find an impressive similarity with what happened in the past, especially regarding the dates of the movements ... Today, the index seems to be moving in a very similar way to 10 years ago!

Exactly 10 years ago, the years ended with the numbers 8 and 9 – a fact that seems to go beyond simple coincidence.
In the title I wrote that I'm "worried" ... in truth I'm waiting for this big downward movement for some time because:

1) if I could ride the volatility on the downside, I would make a lot of money
2) Once the downtrend finishes, it would allow me to buy excellent stocks at very discounted prices.

Anyone who knows me well knows that in 2008 I bought a lot of BRK shares (the Warren Buffet shares) that made me make a lot of money in the following years ... THEREFORE ... I think that there's nothing wrong with the collapse of the stock market.

Indeed, it should represent a great opportunity for those who know how to exploit it!

What are your views? Let us know below!

Article written by Luca Discacciati.

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