Trump's Space Force active by 2020: how to gain?

It was Mike Pence who yesterday announced that the Space Force, a special military corps wanted by Trump, will be active by 2020. The possible logos (see image above) that will distinguish this new military body were also issued yesterday for public vote.

This corps will maintain the military supremacy, which the U.S. has had to this day on Earth, even in space, a natural evolution of the American military force.

The Trump administration has already asked Congress to authorize the spending of 8 billion dollars for the launch of this project.

This is to be considered a forward-looking move but the question every trader/investor should make is: How can I earn from all this? A few weeks ago, Trump asked the European allies, during the G8 meeting, to increase their spending on armaments, threatening to leave NATO if his request was not fulfilled.

This further news about defence makes us believe that investing in this sector will prove to be a good move in the future. There are several American companies that will benefit from this space project... Boeing BA, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and BAE Systems, all the way one of our favourite, Lockheed Martin.

If we look at the graph of this stock below we see how an inverse head and shoulders is being formed which should put pressure on prices to rise even higher. This share also distributes dividend every quarter which is always very appreciated by the investors.



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