Strategic partnerships for Benioff

This morning I wrotean analysis as to why I think Salesforce makes a good long term buy.

Just a few hours ago, Marc Benioff was interviewed in relation to the new forged deal with Apple.

Having worked at Apple in the 1980s as a programmer, "I have Apple in my veins," Benioff said.

"I'll tell you right now that it's so important to us to have this amazing new relationship with Apple and [CEO] Tim Cook, the ability to bring together Apple developers, Apple customers, our developers, our customers, and to show incredible new ways that you can connect with your customer," Benioff said

With the partnership, Salesforce will enable its mobile apps with Siri, Apple's voice assistant. In exchange, the customer relations giant will help build out its clients' mobile apps with specialized features for Apple devices.

In a pure diplomatic way, Benioff did not want to ‘hurt’ other companies’ feelings in reference to his other high-profile partners including Amazon. "We love them all" he said.

Salesforce's stock hit a new 52-week high Tuesday, settling up at $158.87 a share.

I think this is just the beginning for Salesforce and with such a strong market share and alliances with tech powerhouses, the future looks very rosy.

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