Doomsday predictions gone wrong

The analyst Jon Boorman has created a chart of the S&P 500 with all the negative alerts that were announced by various large banks and famous investors.

WIth the S&P500 constantly registering all time highs, there have been a lot of wrong predications as the market continued to rally.

One of the most famous comments was made by congress member Ron Paul when last year he predicted that the US market will drop by 50%! In January 2016 there also was the famous "Sell Everything" comment by British Bank RBS.

The most recent fail was the one made by Morgan Stanley in July wherby they communicated that "the selling has just began".

What all this implies is that any investment we make should be done on our own risk/return assessment and not just invest on the basis of comments made by several media pundits which we are bombared from each day.

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