Do the ACS stocks represent opportunities to take ?

With this article I want to evaluate the stocks of ACS.

I find this stock to be on a bullish/orizontal path. Looking at the graphs below, tap on it to zoom, the MACD is above the signal line, in this case an EMA. This bullish indication is well sustained since the beginning of the 2017 . On the other hand there is the RSI. This indicator apper to be cautious, its value is above 70 and it could be taken as an overbought signal, consider that many times an overbought condition is assessed for above 80. This to avoid any possible misleading signals from the RSI. Looking at the Bollinger bands, we can easily state that the stocks has gone through a period of high volatily. The same perido could be not over yet and this may anticipate further opportunities.

Having these signals my sentiment over ACS stocks is buy/neutral.

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