Banca Ifis: Q1 Is it a buy, sell or hold opportunity?

Let's talk about Banca Ifis after the first quarter results.

In the last report that was published, we can read:

"Concerning the NPL sector, Banca IFIS continues to focus on accelerating the processing of loans in its portfolio, thanks to both the increase in the number of people dedicated to the NPL business and the further streamlining of the management channels managed. The transformation speed of asset classes is the great value on which we are rapidly evolving. "

The solidity of the NPL business continues and, reading the complete report, you can see how the bank is focusing a lot on this front and will do so throughout 2018.

Let's see some interesting data:

Revenues amounted to € 139.4 million (+ 34.6% compared to € 103.5 million of the first three months of 2017).

The positive result is due to a number of factors: the excellent performance of the NPL sector, which benefits from the speed in transforming deteriorated positions into paying positions through management channels and proprietary databases;

in addition, the good performance in the business sector, attributable to ordinary and specialized credit instruments, with a
increase in the number of customers in all branches of the Institute's presence.

The Group's net profit at March 31, 2018 stood at € 37.9 million, compared to € 32.7 million in the same period of 2017 (+ 15.8%). 

We can say that Banca Ifis is still one of the best stocks to put in a diversified portfolio, at least for now.

Moreover, at a technical level the title is still in a very important support area, such as to justify a possible purchase from these levels.

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