Amazon: Results above expectations, the title flies

Amazon reported the results of the first quarter of 2018, results that have literally burned analysts' estimates, with a consequent jump of the shares. 

Online sales, in North America alone, the most important market for Amazon, rose by 46.4%, reaching the record  of 30.73 billion dollars, only in the first quarter.

To boost profits is also the Amazon AWS division, that is the Amazon Web Services, like the cloud, which went up by 48.6%, reaching the record figure of 5.44 billion dollars, beating the estimate of the analisys, which was "only" 5.25 billion dollars.

The stock, which has already risen above the psychological threshold of $ 1500 per share as seen in the attached chart, has set a new all-time high of $ 1620 per share in the after-hours phase, setting aside the recent attacks by President Donald Trump, who had pointed to Amazon to trouble American stores.

The "fundamental" valuations of amazon do not seem to interest investors. With a price / earnings ratio above 260, amazon is the classic title that Warren Buffet or Mario Gabelli would look suspiciously.

As explained by Peter Linch, the P / E is indicative of the growth rate that the market attributes to a company ... How will Amazon sustain such a high growth rate? Nobody knows, but the title continues to rise!


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Jacopo Emoroso

Jacopo Emoroso - 18/07/2018 16:20 Reply