1 Trillion Race: Who will finish first? Apple or Amazon?

Which company will reach the incredible market capitalisation of 1 trillion dollars. Will it be Apple or Amazon?

At the moment, Apple is the closest since in order to reach this target, its share price needs to increase by 5.91% in order to reach the level of $203.45.

Amazon is a little bit behind as in actual fact to reach this target the price needs to reach $2060 per share, that is an increase of 13.30% as at yesterday’s closing price.

The only company in history which managed to reach this level of market capitalisation was Petro China in 2007 which however was only kept for one single day. This was not very beneficial to the firm since following that day, the stock has seen massive declines and it’s market cap shrunk in half.

What do you think?

APPLE or AMAZON? Neither of the two? What will then happen if any one of them reaches this target? Please let us have your opinions in the comments section!

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