The benefits of using Kimura Trading!

Kimura Trading ( is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and is compliant with European Union legislation.

The broker provides negative balance protection which means that retail clients are protected so as to ensure that their maximum losses from trading CFDs, including all related costs, are limited to the funds related to trading CFDs that are in the retail client’s CFD trading account. The aim of negative balance protection is to ensure that retail clients are protected in exceptional circumstances where there is a price change in the underlying that is sufficiently large and sudden, so that this provider is not required to close out the retail client’s position as required by the margin close-out protection, such that the retail client ends up with a negative account value.

As a leading online trading provider, Kimura Trading offers major and exotic FX pairs, equity indices, cryptocurrencies and commodity CFDs. Kimura Trading also offers single share CFDs with a standard ultra-low flat commission.

By opening an account with at least €2000 you are entitled to:

- The use of the Sentiment Index (click here for an example)
- The use of the Sniper Pattern  (click here for an example)
- The use of the Range Indicator (click here for an example)
- The latest issue of our Investment Research Report
- One of the ‘Adhoc Portfolios’ of your choice

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