Green, Green on the streets....!!??

It happened two weeks ago and it happened again yesterday.

Markets are bleeding heavily and fear amongst investors is slowly building up.  The Nasdaq has yet again lost 4.4%, the S&P 3% and so did Asia and Europe.

We discussed reasons about this sell-off last time round but really and truly no one can tell when will this end.
Interestingly though as markets were yet again in the red, some investors were cheering quite a lot as they saw this coming.

How can we actually gain when everything is going down? The above image shows a number of interesting ETFs which had a green day (Hurrah!) and some did even manage to gain more than decent returns.

We talked about these types of ETFsfollowing the heavy drop last time round.

These kinds of investments should not really be considered for the longer term since markets go more up than down. However, in stress and uncertainty periods like we are facing right now, it does make sense to consider these for the short term. They should serve as protection from bad days and also maybe provide some healthy gains when everyone else is losing out!



Inverse and Leveraged ETFs are considered a risky instrument and should be dealt with caution. Past performance is not a guide to future results. This information is being provided solely for information purposes and should not be deemed or construed as investment advice, advice concerning particular investments, advice concerning investment decisions, tax or legal advice. Similarly, any views or opinions expressed are not intended and should not be construed as investment, tax and/or legal recommendations or advice.  No person should act upon any opinion and/or information in this document without first obtaining professional advice.

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