GBPUSD have been in a range from mid March 2020 to present. Where we can see the high of the range being at 1.2628 and the lower being at 1.2190. Which makes way for the Dollar Index for early indicator for most of its moves. At the moment it is trading at 1.2340, which is kind of a mid range, So to have a possible trade entry we either need see the price fall near 1.22 handle or up at 1.2470 intraday. As DXY did close a bullish price action yesterday, I would hope to see a continuation, making my GBP bias bearish for the day. A short between 1.2480-1.2520 might be a good trade to take.
Please Bear in mind these are my personal views, so please do your own fundamental & technical analysis before you take a trade on any of the charts that I suggest.

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