EURCHF - 11.10.18

Today I wanted to provide an update on EURCHF and I think the trend is good to try for a LONG position.

As we can see from the above chart (DAILY), the currency pair crossed over the 20 and 50 MA. It has also recently crossed an important trend line which might confirm our hypothesis.

What do you think?

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Fredy Fredy - 15 ottobre 23:58 Reply

Which hypothesis, I’m not a rofessional trader and would be interested to understand your view and assumption more in detail. Thanks in advance 

Christian Buhagiar - 16 ottobre 09:08 Reply

Hi .. for the above I just used basic technical analysis by looking at the trend and also following moving averages rule.. The trade was good as we managed to reach our target at 1.15. When you have time speak to us via the chatbox (down on the right hand side) so we can discuss further.