A Short Set up on EUR / USD with RSI

Attached You will find the EUR / USD exchange chart.

What is clear is that from a strong upward trend, the market has decided to change course and bet on the strength of the USD.

As always, I remind you that putting yourself short after such an important movement can be risky because the market must have its swings and traders must take advantage of their operations.

What then?

As you can see from the picture in the picture a short set up on EUR / USD has been created and so we just have to wait.

If we want to be profitable in trading, we must always enter with an excellent probability of profit and with excellent risk and return ratios, but above all, without haste.

We will wait for the RSI to come back to the area 60 points to go short. The trade will have a tight stop and a large target below the minimum struck yesterday.

Do you want to try going long?

It's definitely a more risky trade, we suggest you to wait and see what is going to happen. 

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