Trump is back!

Well, that took long for Trump to speak about markets again!

President Trump is famous for using social media in a passionate way and targeting different topics at the right moment. He is famously (or infamously!) known for several tweets which have been deemed as racist and with lack of fact checking.

He has been recently on a roll attacking the FED for raising interest, doubting their autonomy, in a way to serve it as an excuse when stock markets start heading downwards.

Just last January he boasted about how the Dow reached over 25,000 and again in August following the all time high by the S&P.

Strangely enough, we have not heard anything about the markets when the Stock Market rout began in late September.

As if nothing had happened, today he issued his first tweet about markets in weeks whereby he is praising that the market is up since the election and is now just taking a pause… He ultimately gave a warning that if Democrats get better results in midterms, the market will collapse just like in Venezuela!


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